Reinventing Yourself

Do you crave change, but are you anxious about trying something new? Or, are you currently experiencing stress due to a major life change? Are you experiencing any of the changes listed below?

While change can be exciting, it can also be intimidating. If you find yourself procrastinating or avoiding any sort of progress, then it might be helpful to have a life coach collaborate and work with you to ensure that your greatest dreams become realities.

What is life coaching and how is it different than therapy?

If you avoid change due to deeply rooted psychological issues, then you should work with a therapist in order to understand the root causes of your hesitancy. However, life coaching is not therapy: life coaching involves providing an individual who craves progress with the tools, techniques and support needed to achieve their goals. If an individual is unsure of how to move forward, a life coach can help that person gain the confidence they need to realize their dreams. As a Santa Barbara-based life coach, I can help you achieve progress. If you’re fearful of change, I can utilize my skills as a life coach to help you understand what you need to do in order to move forward. Whether you’re based in Santa Barbara, or you live elsewhere throughout the world, I can offer crucial guidance which you can use to bring about change to your life.

As a life coach with years of professional coaching experience, I have the skills and tools needed to assist you on your emotional and spiritual journey. Fill out an intake form to get started.