About Me

I am a licensed professional who has received post-graduate life coach training. I use the latest research to coach you on how to live a fulfilling and enriched life. With patience, compassion and understanding, I will guide you on how to develop life strategies and achieve important personal goals by tapping into your available physical and mental resources—together, we can improve your overall quality of life. 

Life is a journey, and I have dedicated my life’s work to helping others set and accomplish achievable goals. By fully comprehending your potential for success, you can lead a life of possibility while overcoming daunting challenges. I personally learned the value of having emotional support and resources as a result of raising two daughters (one of whom had special needs) mostly on my own.

I am a committed special needs advocate, and I am the founder of Angels Bearing Gifts (a non-profit gifting program for developmentally challenged individuals who have no one to remember them on special occasions). I was an Honorary Member of the Devereux Advisory Board. My understanding comes from a deeply personal level. I am the proud parent of two grown daughters: Michelle, who is developmentally challenged and lives locally, and Stephanie, who resides in Colorado. Stephanie’s son, Paul, also has special needs.

Furthermore, I am a professionally trained and licensed marriage family therapist, life coach and a teacher. I have also led various support groups through the years. I offer a path to practical solutions for you. The rewards are undeniable.

If you’re eager to bring change to your life, then I can help you accomplish your goals. Fill out an intake form to get started, or if you’d like, we can set up a phone call or a Skype session so that we can introduce ourselves to each other.