Changing Professions

Changing professions can be extremely intimidating. Though many wish to pursue new opportunities, the inherent risks that come with doing or trying something new often discourage most people. However, if you truly want to change professions and are feeling daunted by the task, I can coach you on how to overcome those obstacles that might be preventing you from realizing your goals. Whether you’re leaving the financial security of a steady job for a freelance position, changing professions after 40, or even if you’re returning to work after having children or you were recently laid off and are searching for a new profession, I can offer guidance on how to approach and move past the challenges that are hindering you. Financial constraints, personal matters or other responsibilities—whatever the issues are, I can help you examine each one, and utilizing reasoning and logic, we can both decide the proper course of action for dealing with your challenges.

I fully comprehend just how fulfilling it is to change careers, especially later in life. When my daughter, Stephanie, graduated from high school, I wanted to not only return to work, but I also wanted to switch careers. Though I had my fears, as I was able to assuage my doubts but dealing with my concerns rationally. So, I understand just how unnerving it is to switch careers, but I also know all too well just how rewarding it can be to finally accomplish your professional goals.

If you truly wish to change professions and you have the determination to work hard, then I can coach you on how to actualize your career goals. Your dream career is close at hand, and I can help you attain it.