Moving to Another City

While it’s an exciting opportunity, moving to another city can be a little daunting. Leaving a familiar city behind—especially one that you might’ve grown up in—isn’t an easy feat to accomplish for many people, including myself. I’m originally from Wyoming, and I always thought that I would be living there for the rest of my life.

However, during the 1980s, my daughter, Michelle, needed special care for her developmental disabilities, and we were not able to find the resources she needed in our home state. Eventually, we were able to find the right environment for Michelle in Santa Barbara at Devereux. But I was faced with a complicated decision: Do I move to a new state to be closer to my daughter, or do I stay in Wyoming?

So, after going through the pros and cons, and after visiting my daughter’s hometown, Santa Barbara, I decided to take the leap. My younger daughter, Stephanie, and I made California our new home. It was difficult at first, but I’m content with my decision to take the risk and move away from Wyoming—I’ve made new friends here, Michelle is happy and I honestly wouldn’t change a thing.

There will be obstacles when you decide to relocate to a new city. You might be moving to another city for a job or because of your unemployment. You might be relocating for a relationship, after a painful divorce or simply just to start over—whatever the reason, I can help you weigh the pros and cons and make a rational decision. I can coach you on how to proceed with moving to another city, and I can also help you adjust with moving away from family, as well.

This transition will have its challenges, but as long as you want to move to another city, I can assist you. I can coach you on how to begin and then progress through the mental and emotional process of building a new home.