Newly Widowed

Losing a spouse is beyond painful, and the process of transitioning into widowhood is extremely trying. Even if you’ve accepted the loss, and you’re ready to move forward with your life, figuring out the next step—if you should relocate to a new city, find a new job to help support yourself or your family, or how to interact in a social setting without your partner—might be a difficult task for even the most emotionally stable individual. However, as a life coach, I can guide you through the process of navigating these troubled waters.

As a life coach, my specialty is not providing therapy for those who are recovering from being widowed, but what I specialize in is helping you figure out the process of moving forward once you’re ready. Once you’ve decided that you’re emotionally ready to begin the task of rebuilding your life, I can coach you on how to approach your future responsibilities from a step-by-step perspective. For instance, if you’re widowed and alone, widowed with stepchildren or widowed before retirement, then I can help you assess the challenges that lie ahead, such as deciding if you need new employment, if you need to relocate, or how to begin restructuring your life as a widow or widower.

My goal as a life coach is not to make your decisions for you, or to push you into anything you don’t want to do—my job is to help you evaluate the next steps, provide you advice on how to gather research so you’re informed regarding your next moves, and also how to build on your past successes. Though losing a spouse is truly painful, if you’re emotionally committed, it is possible to rebuild your life and carry out your personal goals.