“I highly recommend life coach Evelynn Smith. She's a strong leader, and as a talented motivational coach, she brings out the best in her clients—she definitely walks the walk.

I recently had the opportunity to work with Evelynn. She helped me to focus on my goals, strengths and options. She also provided valuable insights, questions, and practical steps in areas where I was most sorely challenged.

Initially, Evelynn’s insights, questions, and steps didn’t seem like big changes, but incrementally over a six-week period they transformed my daily routine completely. These lifestyle changes in turn transformed the organization of my company—Evelynn helped me increase sales by 23 percent over a two-month period.

Working with Evelynn is empowering and rewarding. She's a coach that's purpose driven, flexible and very supportive.”

Meg Barbour (CEO / Founder)

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